Booking Flow & FAQ

Q:How can I make reservation?

From Contact Form
・Desired Shooting Date
・Desired plan & option
・Plans to stay and hotel name
・Other Questions

Consaltation at Tokyo & Osaka salon are also possible.
KANON Tokyo Hamamatsucho salon  TEL:03-5425-2622

KANON Osaka-Honmachi salonTEL:06-6282-7825

We will reply within 24 hours.
In rarely case, e-mail address is wrong or mistaken.
If you do not recieve a reply e-mail, please check your e-mail address and contact us by phone call or contact form.

Q:Shooting on desired date?

We will check the availability of the facility and location of photo wedding desired date on the schedule of your choice.
Please describe the hotel name, preferred shooting date, staying schedule on the form to calculate the transfer time and required time.

Other events may be held at preferred facility. Also, the facility may be closed for maintenance. In that case please note that shooting may not be possible.

There is also a possibility that the contents of shooting are changed depending on the situation of facility & location.

Q:Flow of payment from plan determination

・You inquiry 〜 Reply from KANON
Contents of your inquiries, we check the availability of photographer, options (hair & make-up, rental dress & tuxedo etc...)We will inform you our recommended pla, latest informations.

・Tentative book
We will send you a confirmation sheet by e-mail. Tentative reservation will be established at this time.

・Confirmed booking
Please transfer the photography fee to our account within one week from the issue date of the booking confirmation.
if the desired shooting dete is less than two weeks, please transfer within three days.
booking reservation will be established after payment is confirmed.
※We adjust it so that customer's preferred shooting date does not overlap. For fairness, priority is given to reservations made by customers who paid earlier.

・Payment Method
Bank transfer to our designated account.

Payment in cash by visiting us.
※The transfer fee will be paid at customer's expense. The receipt replaces the issuance of the financial institution.

Q:What is the shedule on the day of shooting?

Click here for the schedule of the shooting day.

Q:Is it possible to add plan upgrades and options sfter reservation?

Plan upgrade is possible
"Increase the number of shooting cuts... Extend shooting timed."
"Make a plan with Hair make-up artist."
"Increase shooting location"

Options addition is possible
"Make a plan with bouquet."
"Add a photo album."
"Taking apictures with parents"

Please feel free to consult us

※depending on the reserve situation of the day, there may be cases where it is not possible to conply with your request.
※Downgrading is not possible because it is already arranged.

Q:What should I do if I cancel?

Cancellation Policy
・Up to one month before shooting day → 50% of the total price for photography.
・From one month before shooting day until the shooting day → Full amount of photography fee.

※Cancellation caused by natural disaster etc... is not limit this policy.